About Us

Blueprint For Revival Ministry really isn’t about us. It is all about the Lord Jesus Christ. He is our Savior and soon-coming King ! He has provided our path for ministry–something that was totally impossible humanly. In the early 1970’s the pastor of a small Bible Church in Central Florida, Ed MacWilliams, went on the radio with a clear and powerful message from the Bible. The one broadcast station in Crystal River led to another and yet another. This was the beginning of Blueprint For Revival Ministries.

The Bible teaching broadcast soon became an important factor in the lives of many Christians in the area. Many received Jesus Christ as Savior through the Good News that was preached.

After a few years, Pastor MacWilliams sought other means that could be used more effectively to present to Gospel to more people. While working pastoring the church and working a secular job, he traveled overseas, and used those times as opportunities to present the Gospel in South America and Europe. On one of those trips, he was asked by a Believer if he could tape record the messages and bring them with him when he traveled, as well. When Pastor MacWilliams began receiving requests from Africa for Bible teaching tapes, at first, he thought it was a scam. But, after checking things thoroughly, and praying about how to respond, he found that these were sincere and serious needs.

Through sending more of those tapes came an immediate response from Africa. Some gave their lives in faith to the Lord Jesus, and there were many–especially church leaders–who were hungry to study God’s Word, and grow spiritually. They requested more and more tape recorded teachings from the Bible. When it became financially impossible to fill all the requests, some pastors from Ghana asked Pastor MacWilliams to come to Ghana and hold meetings there. In that year, he spent several weeks sharing the Gospel in evangelistic meetings and teaching seminars (for pastors and evangelists). This led to several additional trips to Africa with much larger responses each trip.

At the present time, Dr. MacWilliams is privileged to help guide, teach, and counsel over 1000 pastors in Ghana alone. This does not include the pastors from Kenya, India, Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Togo, and other countries. God has given us at Blueprint For Revival the great blessing of being out to reach into all the world with the saving Gospel of Jesus Christ !

If you are a Christian, we would request that you pray for this ministry. It cannot and should not replace your local church. However, we need your prayers to see more doors opened and more power from on High to reach souls before it is too late.


Update: Dr. Ed J. MacWilliams went home to be with the Lord on April 6th, 2021.  Following his death, the work of Blueprint Ministries continues by providing recorded teachings of Dr. MacWilliams and supporting the work of faithful men who are serving the Lord faithfully, teaching the next generation the precious truths of the Word Of God !