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The Single Enemy Theory

Most people assume there is but one enemy, and one problem to look after. But, the fact that there are several shows our need for God’s help.

1. Many enemies of Israel. *Jehoiakim experienced two invasions, many enemies. (Jer. 52:31-34)
A. The religious people without God.
– Went through the motions. (Jer. 7:1, 9:13-16)
B. The patriots without God.
2 Kings 24:1, 20 Told by Jeremiah not to rebel.
C. The military powers: Egypt and Babylon.
– Egypt. 2 Kings 23:34-37
– Babylon. 2 Kings 24:1-5

2. Many enemies of the Christian.
A. The devil.
Beware of imitation seeds allegedly from God. Can include feelings,
“leadings”, etc. Matt. 13:24-39
B. The world. 1 John 2:15 *(How can you tell ?)
– Rejects Jesus. John 1:10 Rejects the Holy Spirit John 14:17
– Will be condemned. 1 Cor. 11:32
– The solution. Crucified to it. Gal. 6:14
C. The flesh.
– The problems it brings. Rom. 8:1, 13, 13:14, Matt. 26:41, Gal. 5:17
– The solution. Gal. 5:16
D. All can be overcome. Luke 10:19