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PSALM 9- Part 1
–Praising God With The Whole Heart–
Maintaining Happiness: Increase Your Joy Through Praise
1. The blessings of genuine praise.
A. It is effective in revealing faith when done correctly.
James 1:6-7-With the whole heart ! v.1
B. It brings out the testimony of what God has done. v.1 Deut. 3:24
– Keep praising God, and have a goal, as David did.
(“All Thy works” – Psalm 73:28)
– Enemies of the Believer are turned back. v.3
C. It has a known and specific direction – Godward. v.2
Matt. 4:10– worship God only.
D. By committing what God does through us, our thoughts are established.
Pro. 16:3
– No need to fear men. (Ps. 56:4)
E. Blessings are designed to bring it out. (Ps. 30:11,12)

2. The curse of failing to praise God.
A. His praise is directed elsewhere. Is. 42:8
B. Some use God’s glory, and give it to other men. John 12:43
C. The lawless praise wicked men. Pro. 28:4
D. Set themselves up as adversaries of God. Is. 42:8

3. Praising God is important,even when difficult.
A. It is a sacrifice. Heb. 13:15
B. It is futile though, if not done in love. (1 Cor. 13:1)

PSALM 9- Part 2
–Using What We Know About God In Faith–
Maintaining Happiness: Knowing God is With Us Through All
1. God can help when enemies attack. v.5-8
A. Enemies even within the home. I Sam. 2:1
B. Victory assured when promised by God. 2 Sam. 22:4

2. God can be a refuge in times of trouble. v.9
*God does not say there will be no troubles.
A. He hides us from the worst. (Ps. 27:5)
B. Even in the midst of trouble, he is there. (Ps. 138:7)

3. God’s Name is a cause for greater trust. v.10
A. The Names(s) of God – descriptions of His character.
B. Singling out one true God, and trusting Him.
– EXAMPLES: EL SHADDAI=Almighty, Most High Gen. 17:1,
JEHOVAH SABAOTH=Lord of Hosts (Armies) I Sam. 1:3,
ADONAI=Lord, One Who is Superior Gen. 15:2

4. God catches the wicked in their own devices. v.15-16
A. The work of their tongues. Pro. 6:2, 12:13
B. In their own wisdom. Job 5:13, Ps. 81:12, Ps. 106:39, I Cor. 3:19

5. God reminds us of our weakness & need of Him. v. 17-20
A. Without Him, we can do nothing. John 15:5
B. The work of the Holy Spirit. John 14:26

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