This entry is part 23 of 46 in the series Jeremiah

– Part 1 –


What Could Be Greater Than The Love of God ? Or Worse Than His Anger ?

1. God’s Actions Of Love.
A. God warns the people out of love for them. (Jer. 25:3-4)
B. God sends preliminary judgements out of warning for them.
(Birth-pang signs – beginning of sorrows.) Mark 13:8

2. God’s fury is as great as His love.
A. God’s wrath is not merely eye for an eye. Lev. 26:28
Fury usually designates unequal recompense. Dan. 3:19
B. People are hardened who do not see it. Isaiah 42:25
C. It will be revealed against Russia. Ezek. 38:18

3. His fury to come is the worst ever.
A. Jesus foretold it. Matt. 24:21
B. God’s anger will be distributed in His fury. Isaiah 66:15, Micah 5:15

– Part 2 –

What Are The Final Acts of Rebellion That God Will No Longer Tolerate ?

1. God requires action from those who hear. (Jer. 25:8)
A. “I heard it” “I feel so guilty, or ashamed”
“What a great truth” etc…is not enough.
B. God makes certain ALL have opportunity to hear.
– Prophets rise up early to tell the message. (Jer. 25:4)

2. God gives the consequences of not hearing. (Jer. 25:8)
A. Bringing curses on themselves. Deut. 28:15
B. Selective listening is not acceptable with God.
– There are always many sources to listen to. Acts 4:19
The choice must be to hear God.
– False prophets told appealing things. (Jer. 27:14)
C. One sign of a judgement generation is that they refuse conviction.(Jer. 44:16)
Ezek. 3:7, John 8:47 – Evidence of lack of salvation,
they refuse to hear God’s Words.

3. What unwillingness to hear leads to.
A. Deafness. Acts 28:27
B. Case of common knowledge offenses. Matt. 18:16

4. The act of hearing is defined by the Bible.
A. Hearing that results in action. John 10:27
– (They follow as a result of hearing.) Luke 11:28