This entry is part 28 of 46 in the series Jeremiah

– Part 1 –

God Will Bless His People With True Riches !

1. We can count on God to act faithfully ! (Jer. 31:1-3)
A. He was consistent in the past.
– Protection from temptation. 1 Cor. 10:13
– Does God follow this principle ? Luke 16:10
– Do we have the same requirement also ?
B. He will deal with a new generation. (“Virgin Israel” versus
the “Adulterous Wife Israel”)
C. To bring joy in His acceptance. (Many people cannot understand this.)
1 Peter 1:8
D. To respond to true repentance. (Jer. 31:9)

2. Gentile nations will one day rejoice over Israel.
A. Caring for the remnant.
B. Bringing back the remnant. Is. 14:2, Ezek. 37:21 & Is. 66:19-20

3. The wealth of Israel to be manifold.
A. Spiritual riches above all. (Jer. 31:14) Col. 3:1-2*
– The requirement. Luke 16:11
– The riches of grace. Romans 11:31
*Phil. 4:19 applies to many aspects of living.
B. Restoration of the land back to Israel. (Jer. 31:17) Gen. 15:18
*(Does the government of Israel today have the right to give away the land
God gave to Abraham’s physical seed, the Jewish people ?
How and when will this be corrected ?)


– Part 2 –

Most People Focus Upon Only One Part Of God’s Awesome Power. Which Parts Do They Miss ? They Could Be Vital !

1. His power to fulfill His promises. (Jer. 31:16-25)
A. The impossible return to the land. Isaiah 14:2, Jer. 12:15
B. The work of the Lord through faith today. Nothing is impossible. Matt. 17:20
(Depends upon our exercising faith.) Luke 1:37, Heb. 11:6
C. The renewed acceptance of Israel. Rom. 11:23-25

2. His power to bring chastening or judgement. (Jer. 31:28-30, 30:15)
A. Upon the chosen people. Rom. 11:20
B. On individual believers. 2 Samuel 7:14, Heb. 12:6-7
C. Upon the church as a whole. Rev. 3:19

3. His power to bring great blessings. (Jer. 31:31-34)
A. Depends upon the accepted definition of “blessings”.
(Can what appears to be trouble actually be blessings?)
B. They go beyond our thoughts. Isaiah 55:8-11
C. They are for today, as well as future. 1 Cor. 2:9