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Their Biblical Standards Brought Blessing from God even in a Judgement Generation

1. The blessing on the Rechabites.
A. Strong enough to overcome temptation. (Jer. 35:2-6)
B. Blessing on the children. (Jer. 35:18-19)

2. The blessing of the Nazarites. (Not Nazarenes)
*Abstaining from certain things. Had to overcome outward disapproval by spiritual strength.
Num. 6:1-8 Shaved head at end of vow. Num. 6:18
A. Not all were completely committed. Samson. Judges 13:5-7, 16:17
B. Went even to refusing grapes. – John the Baptist was one. Luke 1:15
C. Even Paul advocated it. Acts 21:21-26
D. Paul did it himself. Acts 18:18

3. The blessings for today.
* The benefits of not drinking alcoholic beverages: Today’s beverages have a higher
alcohol content.
A. No temptation to drink too much.
B. No activation of any addiction to drink.
C. No temptation to others around you.
*Especially important when you have kids.
D. It becomes an effective testimony. It raises the curiousity of others – they ask questions.
E. Strong drink is for medication purposes only.
– For those about to die. Pro. 31:6
– Wine for Timothy’s stomach problem. 1 Tim. 5:23
F. You avoid foolish decisions, and false visions.
Is. 28:7, Is. 56:12, Gen. 9:21-24, Gen. 19:33-35, Lev. 10:9