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PSALM 3- Part 1
Maintaining Happiness: See What God Wants You To See !

1. Looking at the wrong things.(Ps. 3:1)
A. Failure to see the help God has provided. 2 Kings 6:16
B. Failure to see the power of God’s help. 1 Sam. 14:6, Gen. 14:14,
Mark 10:26-27

C. Focusing on the problem, not seeking the solution. Luke 19:3-4, John 5:2-7
“…no friend, not fast enough. Others take advantage of my slowness.”
D. Failing to see the importance of faith. – Can keep one from joy for a period
of time. Luke 9:13 – Many uncomfortable minutes.

2. Having the wrong focus.
A. One can appear to be many if focus is wrong. 1 Sam. 17:23
Assumption was that they would have the entire army to fight. Not so.
B. Beauty can be deceiving if focus isn’t on God. Gen. 2:6 “The woman saw…”
Is anything worth trading off your relationship with God ?
C. On things that pass away. Matt. 16:23

PSALM 3- Part 2
Maintaining Happiness: Say What God Wants You To Say !
Psalm 3:4-8

1. Verbal prayers are important.(Ps. 3:4)
A. Without including verbal praying, we do not pray in the fullness of our being.
(You are a trinity – all three parts should pray !)
– Praying physically (verbally.) The physical prayer should be an expression
of the soul and spirit. Gal. 5:25
– Praying in the spirit. Phil. 3:3
– Praying with the soul. 1 Sam. 1:10-15
B. The example of David. Ps. 55:17

2. Verbal commands against Satan are important.
A. Did Jesus just wish Satan away in the wilderness ? Luke 4:8
B. Can demons read our minds and thoughts ? No !
Mark 5:6-9 – Required verbal command.

3. Verbal worship of God is important.
A. If our worship is only “inside” is our worship whole ? Matt. 9:22 -That’s what
Jesus was doing. Mark 5:28, Mark 12:23 – “Whole” is significant !
B. If our worship is not verbal, who but God knows what we are really doing ?                Luke 19:40
C. The Psalm itself is a verbal song to be sung before others.
Psalm 3:3-6, 59:16, 51:14, 81:1

PSALM 3- Part 3
Maintaining Happiness: Growing Through The Experience.
Psalm 3:4-8
Every experience should be a lesson in your walk with the Lord. If you don’t learn it, you are doomed to take the class and test again !
1. The fruits of successful praying.(Ps. 3:4-6)
*Successful praying always involves faith !
A. Sleep.
– When we do what God wants. Ps. 127:2
– When we are open to the will of God. Jer. 31:26, Pro. 3:21-24
B. Provision (as a result of putting God’s will first.) Luke 12:28-31
C. Renewed confidence. 2 Thes. 1:3

2. We need more than deliverance.(Ps. 3:6-8)
A. We need renewed and stronger faith. Ps. 51:10
B. We need healing of our own hurt and injuries. Ps. 51:12 (Forgiveness toward
enemies is part of this. Matt. 6:14-15 Since it affects our own fellowship with
– Hurt from our sins. Jer. 3:22, Hos. 6:1, 14:4
C. We need salvation. Deliverance only takes us out of the hand of the enemy.
Salvation gets us into heaven. Col. 1:13 (“From…unto…”)

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