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PSALM 4- Part 1

Maintaining Happiness: Growing Through The Experience ! Psalm 4:1-5

It shouldn’t take a bad event to make us get serious with God !! David comes to Him seriously without it.

1. The acknowledging of our need.
A. Some don’t realize their need. Luke 18:11
B. Without God’s love working in us, we are nothing – so we need Him ! I Cor. 13:2
C. In all parts of our lives. Ps. 40:17, 86:1

2. The acknowledgment of God’s greater power.
A. Without Him we can do nothing. John 15:5
B. Must be seen in us. Ps. 71:18

3. The frustration with lost people.
A. Their double standards. Matt. 23:28-29
B. Their self-centeredness. (Without God, they cannot have unselfish love.)
I Cor. 13:5
C. Their deviousness. Titus 1:10, 2 John 1:7, Matt. 24:5, 11

4. The sanctification of Godly people.
A. It is done because of personal decision. (Personal sanctification, not the
sanctification which is by blood-Heb. 10:10, 2 Chron. 29:15, 2 Tim. 2:20-21
B. It makes the Believer more useful to God. John’s confession. John 3:30

PSALM 4- Part 2

Maintaining Happiness: Growing Through The Experience ! Psalm 4:3-8

1. Acknowledging God’s requirements.
A. Expressing faith in God’s plan, not ours. Ps. 55:8
B. Using God’s standards, not ours. Ps. 55:9

2. Pronouncing the standard.
A. Fear God. I Pet. 2:17, Rev. 14:7, Ec. 8:12, 12:13
B. Don’t sin. Eph. 4:26, I Cor. 15:34, I John 2:1, Ps. 39:1
C. Do serious self-judgment. I Cor. 11:31, Luke 6:42
D. Be still enough to hear from God. (‘Be still’ in Hebrew is the word ‘Damam’
which means “Be silent”, in other words, ‘Quit talking and listen’ Ps. 119:59
E. Offer sacrifices of righteousness. I Pet. 2:5, Phil. 4:18, Rom. 12:1
F. Believe God. James 2:23, Acts 27:25
G. Expect closeness with God. (Light of His countenance.)
Moses – I Cor. 3:7
It is lost when determined to sin. – Gen. 4:5
Walking in His light, what a blessing ! – I John 1:7
H. Receive the blessings with joy and confidence.
– Knowing it is better than the world’s
– Knowing that God wanted to bless you.

PSALM 4- Part 3

Comparing Benefits: What Do We Have Better Than The World Has ?
God Offers To People of Faith Blessings Which Exceed Those That Are Given To The World – But Only When They Submit To His Will.

1. Comparing light.
A. The world’s light is darkness.
– Recent FDA “studies” – can’t be trusted. The “Fiber Fib” exposed in past year.
– “Scientific” findings later dismissed-views of the solar system,
shape of the globe, etc. Is. 40:22
– “Year of the child” mentality proven to yield bad results. Pro. 22:15, Pro. 23:14
B. The world’s wisdom is foolishness. I Cor. 1:18-20, I Cor. 3:19
C. The countenance accompanying the wicked is different. Gen. 4:6

2. Comparing joy and gladness.(Psalm 4:7)
A. The world requires artificial means.
B. God’s joy is enduring, powerful. John 15:11, John 16:22

3. Comparing our rest and security.(Psalm 4:8)
A. Our rest is sweet, not just therapeutic. Pro. 3:24 Later- globally. Is. 11:10
B. Our security is eternal, not limited. Deut. 32:31, John 10:28

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