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An Introduction To The Book of Jeremiah

1. The preparations for service. (Jeremiah 1:7-10)
A. God made the person for that purpose. (Jer. 1:5) Rev. 4:11
B. Prophecy concerning the individual. (Jer. 1:7) 1 Tim. 1:18
– As with Timothy, Elijah, Paul, etc.
C. God’s Word will have the ultimate victory. (Jer. 1:8-10) Is. 55:11

2. The honesty of God’s calling. (Jeremiah 1:11-14)
A. Tells the truth about serving Him. Ezek. 3:4-10, Acts 9:15,16
B. Tells the response of the people. (Jer. 1:9)
*Many with incorrect views of the future try to justify their
vision through falsification of the results.

3. The danger of service. (Jeremiah 1:17)
(Becoming “confounded”=confused, ashamed)
A. Can easily be distracted. Is. 50:7
B. Can get out of focus, though having the right purpose.
C. Can become afraid, a cause and effect of little faith. Matt. 10:25-28

4. The protection in service. (Jeremiah 1:18-19)
A. What He did for Jeremiah. (Jer. 1:18)
B. What Jesus said to His disciples.
– Pick up serpents. Mark 16:18
– Taking two cloaks. Matt. 10:7-15
C. Other disciples, etc. Acts 18:10 (Paul)

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