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PSALM 5 – Part 1

Anger toward sin and it’s results should bring us to pray to God more faithfully !
God must be approached as the True and Holy God that He is, not just as One that is easier to relate to.

1. The approach to God must be correct.
A. Be respectful. Requesting, not demanding. Acknowledging His superiority.
(Psalm 5:2) I Pet. 3:12, Is. 57:15, James 4:6, Ps. 145:19
As King and Lord. Ps. 74:12, Phil. 3:8, Rev. 17:14
B. Be complete. Present to God what you know about Him. It helps you pray
with greater understanding. – (In Heaven)…Matthew 6:9
C. Be time-conscious. (Psalm 5:3) Ps. 55:17, Heb. 4:16

2. Recognize the absolute holiness of God.
A. Does not have pleasure in wickedness. (Ps. 5:4)
B. Will not tolerate evil in the future. (Psalm 5:4-5)
*Lev. 19:17-Not to hate brother.
Hebraic extreme phraseology. Similar to: Luke 14:26
C. Will destroy ungodliness. (Ps. 5:6)
-“Leasing”= lying, deception


PSALM 5- Part 2

Maintaining happiness: How To Stay Close To God. Psalm 5:6-12

1. The need for judgment awareness. (Psalm 5:6)
A. It keeps the believer closer to God. 2 Pet. 3:14, Heb. 11:7, 2 Cor. 5:11
B. It is a consolation to the Believer. Gal. 2:16

2. The need for personal commitment. (Psalm 5:7)
Did it give him the ability to carry out his intentions ?
A. Not a self-willed worship. Rev. 4:11
* Do we think that staying at home is as good as obedience to God ?
Heb. 10:25 Why do some Christians stay home when they could come to
church ? When God says “come”, does He count disobedience excusable ?
Luke 14:18-24 (Hint – not because they have no choice.)
*Do we sing what pleases us, or God ?
Gen. 22:5, Ex. 24:1, I Chron. 16:9, 23, 29, Ps. 138:5
B. Commitment of personality – “Fear of the Lord.” It is something taught.
*(Where ???) Psalm 34:11 Many benefits. Pro. 15:16, Pro. 16:6, Pro. 14:26

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